What Is The Difference Between Medical Swabs and Industrial Swabs?
What Is The Difference Between Medical Swabs and Industrial Swabs?

What Is The Difference Between Medical Swabs and Industrial Swabs?

A variety of swabs are used in daily life. Medical sampling swabs are widely in medical testing. What is the difference between medical swabs and industrial swabs?

Medical sampling swab

The disposable sampling swab, is now a relatively popular detection tool for nucleic acid detection, which is used to collect oral mucosa cells, oral microorganisms, surface microorganisms, surface bacteria, virus sampling and transportation, DNA, RNA collection, throat sampling, cervical sampling, and nasopharynx sampling. Parent child identification DNA collection, transportation and preservation, virus and microorganism, influenza sample collection, preservation, transportation and extraction solutions.

Use of disposable sampling swab
The disposable sampling swab is applicable to the collection of microorganisms. It can assist the hospital or laboratory to detect viruses or study virus sampling for human or animal natural cavities, such as the throat, nose, mouth, vagina and other parts to take biological samples for inspection. It can also be used for disease detection of human oral cavity or nasal cavity. It is necessary to use a sampling swab to collect oral epidermal cells or nasal cavity virus samples, store the cells or samples in the collection tube, and then transfer them to the laboratory for detection.

Characteristics of disposable sampling swab
The one-time sampling swab adopts the flocking method of spray and electrostatic charge to vertically and evenly attach millions of nylon microfibers to the handle end. The capillary action between nylon fiber bundles is conducive to the strong hydraulic absorption of liquid samples. Compared with the traditional wound fiber swab, most of the samples collected by the traditional wound swab are trapped in the fiber matrix at the end of the swab, which can only release a small amount of 20-30% of the samples collected, while the flocking swab can keep the microbial samples on the surface of the fiber, quickly elute>95% of the original samples, and easily improve the detection sensitivity. The sampling swab was certified to be free of ribonuclease (RNAse), deoxyribonucleic acid (DNASE), human DNA and any PCR inhibitor.

What is the sampling swab
1. It is made of non inhibitory DNA amplification materials, which can be verified by direct PCR amplification, eliminating the extraction step.
2. It is packaged separately to avoid pollution.
3. Strict process conditions, without DNA enzyme and human DNA that can be amplified.

Industrial purification cleanroom swabs is also called dust-free cleanroom swabs. What are the characteristics of them ?

Purified cleanroom swabs, also known as dust-free cleanroom swabs and dust-free swab, is a kind of clean cleanroom swabs produced in the purification room (dust-free room). Purified cleanroom swabs is one of the cleanroom swabss. It is also known as dust-free cleanroom swabs because of its strict quality and hygiene requirements. It is a kind of material used for cleaning the dust-free room. Generally, dust-free cleanroom swabs is completed in the dust-free workshop, and the dust-free cleanroom swabs must strictly comply with the production requirements of the dust-free room, It is produced by a professional manufacturer of dust-free cleanroom swabss. It is not always possible to achieve the purification level. The dust-free cleanroom swabss, sanitary treated products, particles and liquids enter the cleanroom swabs hole and will not fall out or be squeezed out easily. It has good locking capacity. The cleaning consumables produced in the excellent purification room can eliminate pollutants and keep clean in the special environment of the production process (the wiping cloth cannot wipe), After wiping, the content of chemical residues is low, flammable and easy to handle, which is harmless to the environment. Most of the cleaning cleanroom swabss are conductive and can be grounded by operators and tools.

Features of dust-free purification cleanroom swabs:
1. Strong liquid absorption;
2. Good toughness;
3. Good wear resistance;
4. No chip falling;
5. Combustible and easy to handle;
6. Environmentally friendly;
7. Low content of chemical residues;
8. It will not scratch the wiped components;
9. Have good locking ability;.

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