Countdown Begins! Gear Up for the Grand Annual AACC Symposium!
Countdown Begins! Gear Up for the Grand Annual AACC Symposium!

Countdown Begins! Gear Up for the Grand Annual AACC Symposium!


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To all the knowledge seekers jetting in from global corners for the rapidly nearing AACC Annual Scientific Meeting and Clinical Lab Expo, we eagerly await your arrival. Whether you're a seasoned attendee or a bright-eyed newcomer to the AACC forum, we've got you covered with a succinct primer to navigate the event. We'll fill you in on the meeting essentials, preparation tips, and a snapshot of what the venue experience will be like. So, without beating around the bush, let's plunge into the details.

Unveiling the Annual AACC Meeting & Clinical Lab Expo

This gathering is a beacon for everyone who's part of the worldwide laboratory and clinical medicine fraternity. Each year, it serves as a melting pot where eminent figures from varied domains including chemistry, molecular diagnostics, spectrometry, translational medicine, and laboratory management converge. They engage in enlightening discussions about the freshest scientific and technological breakthroughs aimed at enhancing our work efficacy and broadening our ability to assist people and animals worldwide.

This year's assembly is set to house more than 900 exhibitors (a number that's growing as we speak) and will shine the spotlight on over 200 innovative products designed to empower scientists and industry frontrunners to perform their roles with increased efficiency.

What Does the AACC Meeting Structure Look Like?

Once you set foot in Anaheim on Sunday, July 23, you'll kickstart your journey with a mixer. Here, you can reconnect with familiar industry peers and rub shoulders with new entrants. Following this, you're set for a dynamic four-day sprint filled with presentations, exhibition booth tours, and endless networking possibilities.

The conference will feature presentations sorted into six distinct categories or "pathways." This categorization allows you to tailor your participation, aligning it with your work relevance. The six pathways include:

  • · Cardiac Markers, Lipids, and Lipoproteins
  • · Digital Diagnostics and Lab Informatics
  • · Laboratory Management and Leadership
  • · Molecular Diagnostics
  • · Point-of-Care and Direct-to-Consumer Testing
  • · Population Health and Equity

Considering the nearly 1,000 exhibitors, we advise charting out your networking course to ensure you cover every enterprise of interest during the meeting. For a visual depiction of the conference hall layout, the AACC website offers a user-friendly map of the exhibition floor to explore.

For the comprehensive conference program and to stay updated on newly announced poster presentations in the coming weeks, keep an eye on the AACC website.

What is Mantacc Planning to Share at This Year’s AACC Meeting?

For those who are keen to link up with us at AACC, the Mantacc team will be eagerly awaiting your arrival at booth #4367. Every visitor will have the opportunity to explore the latest offerings from Mantacc, plus stand a chance to grab some exciting giveaways. We'll be showcasing our products, including:

If you're interested in having a chat with us or have any questions before you touch down in Anaheim, please reach out. We're more than willing to address your queries or arrange a meeting with you onsite to discuss your product needs.

For the complete conference program, visit the AACC website or browse the online presentation guide.

Is There a Central Theme for the AACC Meeting?

Indeed, the theme for this year's meeting is "We Are ONE," signifying the incredible feats we can accomplish through unity. As you map out your California visit, anticipate networking engagements, and plan meetings with new partners, let this unifying mantra guide your mindset.

What Preparations Should I Make Prior to the AACC Meeting?

Whether you're aiming to imbibe wisdom from your peers, or if you're on the exhibiting/presenting side, every conference calls for pre-emptive groundwork. As the AACC event garners a global crowd, we advise investing time in your prep so that you can effectively connect with all relevant individuals – particularly our international friends.

Here are three pointers to set you up for a confident start at this year's AACC meeting.

Pinpointing the AACC Meeting Location and Date

As hinted earlier, now let's delve into the particulars. The upcoming AACC meeting and expo are scheduled for July 23-27, 2023. The grand stage for this enriching event will be the renowned Anaheim Convention Center, nestled in the heart of Anaheim, California.

Do I Have to Register for the AACC Meeting in Advance?

Technically, you don't have to as on-site registration is available. However, we strongly encourage early online registration. This not only enables you to secure discounts but also smoothens your California stay preparations. You can register online up until July 27, 2023, the inaugural day of the meeting. The earlier your registration, the more cost-effective it'll be.

Is There a Remote Participation Option for Those Unable to Attend in Person?

Absolutely! AACC presents a "Digital Pass Select" offering, enabling you to access select conference highlights remotely. The window for this registration is open until 12 pm ET on August 11, 2023. So, if you're tied up during the conference dates, the Digital Pass Select empowers you to catch up later. It's a win-win! For detailed information on registration types and fees, kindly refer to the AACC website.

3 Pro Tips for the AACC Meeting & Expo Preparation

1. Scrutinize the Poster Presentation & Exhibitor Lists

Whether your goal is to network and identify suitable products for your venture, or immerse in a deluge of poster presentations, familiarizing yourself with the attendees and their contributions helps you register for your choice sessions and/or arrange meetings with pertinent vendors.

For expo attendees, this comprehensive guide on the AACC website is invaluable. It helps you identify the participants, their exhibits, and their precise locations within the convention center.

If your week is set to be saturated with scientific presentations, we suggest researching the poster abstracts. Personally, we're thrilled about the upcoming breakthroughs in the diagnostic sector. What are you looking forward to the most?

2. Stay Tuned to Social Media for Pertinent Updates

In line with most contemporary conferences, the AACC ensures that its social media platforms stay updated with essential information beneficial before and during the conference. We advise keeping a tab on Twitter and Facebook, or joining the LinkedIn group for timely updates or announcements concerning the conference. Additionally, the conference organizers offer a sign-up option for anyone preferring email updates.

Once at the conference, to share your learnings or interact with other attendees, remember to follow and use the conference hashtag (#2023AACC).

3. Devise a Networking Strategy

One of the best aspects of a conference is the opportunity to meet industry partners from across the globe - people you don't interact with daily. Swap the Zoom calls for an in-person networking plan. Confer with your partners face-to-face, catch up, and discuss the latest in your businesses. Want to know who's attending? Take the initiative and email your friends/partners ahead of the event and peruse the exhibitor list to identify the participating companies.

Should you wish to connect with the Mantacc team, we invite you to get in touch beforehand or drop by our booth! Speaking of which…

Will We See You at the AACC Meeting This Year?

The Mantacc team is absolutely thrilled at the prospect of meeting our associates and friends in sunny California this July. If you wish to establish contact before the event, feel free to reach out.

We wish you safe and joyful journeys!

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