Stool Specimen Collection
Stool Specimen Collection

Stool Specimen Collection

Fecal collection kits and devices for the collection, research and diagnostic analysis of stool samples.

Stool Specimen Collection Methods:

  1. ✅For Microbial or Viral Culture: Samples are collected in sterile containers. In certain cases, collection using a sterile swab may be acceptable.
  2. ✅For Ova and Parasite (O&P) Testing: This microscopic examination detects worms, parasites, or their eggs in stool. Samples may be added to pre-filled containers with preservatives, fixatives, growth media, or stains to maintain specimen integrity.
  3. ✅For Fecal Occult Blood Testing (FOBT): This test detects visually unobservable blood in stool. Samples are collected using a swab or gloved finger and spread on a test surface. A developer or indicator is added, with a color change indicating a positive result.
  4. ✅For Chemical Analysis: To investigate nutritional or digestive issues, stool samples are collected in clean containers over a 72-hour period. Specimens are refrigerated between collections to preserve their composition.

General Information

Stool analysis provides critical insights into gastrointestinal health. Unlike most medical tests, fecal samples are typically collected by patients at home. However, this process is often perceived as challenging, unpleasant, and unsanitary. Many individuals attempt to obtain samples directly from the toilet bowl, a method that is not only difficult but may lead to inaccurate results due to dilution from toilet water or contamination from cleaning agents.

To address these issues, Mantacc fecal collection kits and devices incorporate reagents that neutralize infectious agents while preserving the sample's genetic material and microbiome profile. These kits are complemented by innovative fecal analysis products designed for efficient, reliable, and rapid extraction of total RNA and DNA, enhancing the overall diagnostic process.

Our Kits Include:

The Mantac FB-YT01 Disposable Stool Sample Collection Kit contains a preservative solution, solution bottle, sampling parts, and dilution bottle for easy, visual stool sampling. It is widely used for stool sample collection and pre-processing prior to routine, fecal occult blood, microbial, rotavirus and other physicochemical testing.

Mantacc Stool Specimen Collection Products

Model Product Description
FB-YT01 Stool Specimen Collection Kit Contains a preservative solution, solution bottle, sampling parts, and dilution bottle for easy, visual stool sampling.

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