Research and Development
Research and Development

Research and Development

Laboratory Test
Production environment

(1)Rigorous monitoring of the production environment

(2)Production plant suspended particle monitoring

(3)Reliable purified water systems

(4)Clean air conditioning systems for production halls

(5)Real-time monitoring of wet temperature and differential static pressure in the production hall

(6)GMP workshop Settling bacteria testing

Product Testing

We have completed product testing.

(1) Ethylene oxide residue testing

Ethylene oxide sterilization is a widespread, efficient, and penetrating sterilization method that can kill various microorganisms, including bacterial propagules, spores, fungi, viruses, etc. The sterilization effect is excellent, but it is toxic to humans and animals. Therefore, the relevant standards of the medical device industry have strict requirements on the residual ethylene oxide index for sterile medical device products.

(2) Sterility testing

Sterility testing is an important element of the production control process for sterile medical device products.

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