Swab-based Specimen Collection
Swab-based Specimen Collection

Swab-based Specimen Collection

When it comes to reliable sample collection and transportation for microbiological analysis, Mantacc sets the gold standard. Our innovative swab-based systems enable clinicians to easily collect patient specimens and maintain sample integrity during transport to the laboratory. With a proven reputation for the highest quality solutions that benefit both patients and medical staff, it's no wonder Mantacc is the trusted choice of microbiology laboratories across the nation. Our commitment to advancing specimen collection and transport means hospitals and clinics can count on Mantacc for technology that's efficient, effective and leads to better diagnostic results. Discover what top-tier performance in sampling and transport looks like and why laboratories insist on Mantacc for improved clinical outcomes.

Mantacc Culture Swab Collection and Transport System

Mantacc offers transport swabs in Amies, Cary-Blair, and Stuart gel media to preserve aerobic, anaerobic, and fastidious bacteria during transit.
Charcoal medium options also available for optimized pathogen recovery.

Mantacc Universal Viral Transport System

The Mantacc universal viral transport system provides room-temperature transport of viruses, chlamydiae, mycoplasmas and ureaplasmas. Our all-in-one viral transport media allows clinicians to collect quality specimens and maintain sample integrity.

Mantacc Flocked Swabs

Mantacc flocked swabs feature an innovative design without an internal mattress core to optimize sample dispersal and retention. The flocked tip entraps more microorganisms from specimens compared to traditional fiber-wound swabs.

Mantacc Foam Swabs

Mantacc offers foam-tipped swabs for efficient sample collection and release. The hydrophilic polyurethane foam head maximizes specimen pick-up and elution. The perforated handle allows complete drainage. Ideal for environmental and forensic sampling.

Mantacc Nasopharyngeal Swabs

The Mantacc nasopharyngeal swab system provides optimized collection of nasal/nasopharyngeal specimens. Flexible minitip swabs access the nasopharynx to collect quality respiratory samples for microbiological analysis.

Mantacc Oropharyngeal Swabs

Mantacc offers swabs and transport media for reliable oral/oropharyngeal specimen collection and preservation. Our swabs efficiently sample the cheek, posterior pharynx and tonsillar areas. Paired with liquid transport medium.

Mantacc Gynecological Swabs

The Mantacc gynecological swab kit enables proper cervical, vaginal and vulvovaginal sample collection for STI testing. Our swabs provide full C. trachomatis and N. gonorrhoeae recovery with a special ergonomic design.

Mantacc Fecal Swabs

The Mantacc fecal swab system securely collects and preserves fecal (stool) specimens for enteric bacteria testing. Our swabs deliver quality samples to aid accurate diagnostics.

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