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MANTACC ®, high-end brand of Miraclean Technology, is committed to providing a huMANized, Technological & ACCurate swab-based specimen collection system products. The integration of production and research makes Mantacc a one-stop solution provider of laboratory devices and consumables.
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Original manufacturer available on OEM/ODM service.
Professional R&D team working on environmentally friendly & sustainable research projects.
Strict quality management system in GMP with international certifications.
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What is an Endocervical Swab?
What is an Endocervical Swab? An endocervical swab is a medical procedure used to collect samples from the endocervix, which is the area around the opening of the uterus. This simple yet valuable diagnostic tool plays a crucial role in identifying infections, detecting abnormal cells, and supporting various clinical research efforts in gynecological health. ...
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Mantacc to Exhibit at ADLM 2024 in Chicago
Mantacc to Exhibit at ADLM 2024 in Chicago ADLM 2024 30 JULY – 01 AUGUST 2024 McCormick Place Chicago, IL – USA We are excited to announce that Miraclean Technology Co., Ltd. and our premium brand Mantacc will be exhibiting at the ADLM 2024 conference (formerly the AACC Annual Scientific Meeting & Clinical Lab Expo) in Chicago...
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Best Time to Collect Saliva for DNA Test
Best Time to Collect Saliva for DNA Test By following the recommended best practices for saliva collection, you can increase the likelihood of obtaining high-quality DNA samples for accurate and reliable testing results. When is the Ideal Time? The ideal time to collect saliva for DNA testing is typically when you have an empty stomach. It is recom...
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How to Collect Saliva from An Infant?
How to Collect Saliva from An Infant? Collecting saliva from infants requires patience, proper preparation, and a gentle approach. By following the recommended steps and considering the infant's comfort, researchers can obtain valuable samples that contribute to important scientific discoveries and ultimately improve our understanding of infant health and development. ...
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