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MANTACC ®, high-end brand of Miraclean Technology Co., Ltd, which is committed to providing a huMANized, Technological and ACCurate cell specimen collection solution and transportation service in medical, life science, forensic and other fields. No Matter where you are, the service of MANTACC ® is always available.
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OEM/ODM is available. Excellent R&D team and strict quality management system. Provide a whole solution for Gene,DNA and cell specimen collection. Supply service for laboratory accessories.
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With our own factory, OEM/ODM is available
Excellent R&D team and strict quality management system
Provide Solutions
Provide a whole solution for Gene,DNA and cell specimen collection
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Routine Sample Collection and DNA Background Introduction
1.Routine sample collection 1.1Mantacc oral swab collection 1) Do not eat, smoke, drink water, drink alcohol or chew gum, etc. 1h before sampling. 2) Prepare a glass of water and rinse the mouth fully for about 10s and then spit it out to remove the food residues etc. from the mouth. 3) extend the swab into the left s...
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Use of Alcohol Cleaning Swabs
For many of us, getting a vaccine or other routine injection is not a pleasant experience. But there’s something comforting about the injection site being wiped with an alcohol swab. Other than signaling to us that it’s time to brace ourselves for the needle, it reassures us that good care is being taken to reduce the risk of infection. We know that without it we’d be inviting bacteria in...
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China Association of Clinical Laboratory Practice Expo (CACLP)
We were honored to participate in CACLP, the largest international congress on laboratory medicine and blood transfusion instruments and reagents in China, last week from October 26th to October 28th. At this exhibition, our company mainly displayed DNA sampling kits, HPV sampling swabs, oral swabs, nasopharyngeal swabs, etc., which had a great response at the exhibition and attracted many cust...
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What Is It Like to Work In Miraclean Company?
Every day, we can have a rich breakfast, lunch and dinner in the Miraclean dining hall. Occasionally, the company holds a holiday celebration ceremony. Bosses and employees gather to enjoy a delicious meal. Fun and joy! Unlimited supply of freshly ground coffee to keep employees more motivated to work. Different varieties of fruits became...
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Popularize The Knowledge of Quality Management System for New Employees
What is quality, management and systems? The “system month” and new employees will tell you!!!! Question: What do you think of the system? Mr.Guan said: I think the company has passed ISO9001 ISO14001 ISO13485 is part of the system. Ms. Jiang said: I think the system is to make us more disciplined...
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The 19th China Association of Clinical Laboratory Practice Expo Invitation
Under the normal situation of new epidemic prevention and control, with the theme of "Brand Brilliance - Glorious Future", the flagship laboratory medicine - in vitro diagnostics event, which integrates professionalism, scale, influence, brand promotion and propaganda, industry, academia, research, application, transformation, capital, production, circula...
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Do You Know What The Red Liquid in The Nucleic Acid Tube Is ?
The red liquid in the nucleic acid sampling tube is called viral nucleic acid preservation solution. Guanidine salt, one of the important components of viral nucleic acid preservation solution. Guanidine is a very strong monobasic base, similar in alkalinity to sodium hydroxide, and can absorb carbon dioxide in the air to generate carbonate. Guanidine is unstable under alkaline...
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Safety Caps for HPLC Make Labs Safer
The laboratory is an important base for scientific research and technicians to work, and is the cradle where scientific achievements are born. The safety sealing cover designed for chromatography solvents and other volatile reagents avoids solvent volatilization, optimizes the laboratory working environment and protects the health and safety of laboratory staff. Seal extraction sy...
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Sharing The Warmth of Miraclean Under The Full Moon
The annual Mid-Autumn Festival is welcome. In this beautiful moment of homesickness and reunion, to promote communication among all staff of the company and enrich their spare time, everyone can fully relax after work, creating a strong festive atmosphere and enjoying the happiness of the festival. On the eve of the Mid-Autumn Festival, our company held a special Mid-Aut...
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Mid-Autumn Memories
Mid-Autumn Memories Dan Wang When I was a child, every family would make lanterns for their children at the Mid-Autumn Festival and the children would compare their lanterns with each other to see who had the prettiest ones. I remembered my father w...
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Corporate Exercise Routine for Body Function Reconstruction
Our company offers targeted exercise programs for the reconstruction of physical function, based on a comprehensive assessment of the physical structure of all employees and functional tests. In the course of the tests, the dysfunctions of the body are identified and training programs are provided. Through these programs, the staff can be rebuilt ...
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The ribbon-cutting ceremony of the cooperation between Shenzhen Cretia Technology Co., Ltd. and Miraclean Technology Co., Ltd. was successfully held!
The ribbon-cutting ceremony of the cooperation between Shenzhen Cretia Technology Co., Ltd. and Miraclean Technology Co., Ltd. was successfully held! Shenzhen Cretia Technology Ltd. is a modern enterprise that develops and designs high-precision medical molds and products for injection molding. The company has a factory area of more than 2,000 squa...
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What Is Genetic Testing?
1. What is genetic testing? Genetic testing is a technology that detects DNA through blood, other body fluids, or cells. Molecular information is used for detection, to predict the risk of disease in the body, and to analyze the various genes contained in it, so that people can understand their genetic information, to avoid or delay the occurrence of diseases by i...
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