Rectal Swab Collection
Rectal Swab Collection

Rectal Swab Collection

Specially designed for collection, transport and preservation system for enteric pathogens diagnostics. The transport and collection system:

  1. ✅Preserves collected specimens for an extended period at room temperature or refrigerated conditions.
  2. ✅Can be used by medical staff for rectal swab collection or transferring a small stool sample from a primary container.
  3. ✅Can be compatible with automated specimen processors and pipettors, minimizing manual handling and maximizing automation investment.
  4. ✅Offers a compact alternative to traditional bulky fecal containers, facilitating easy transport.

General Information

Mantac Rectal Swab Collection System offers a convenient and efficient solution for stool collection, transport, and preservation of enteric pathogens. This system pairs flocked swabs with Cary-Blair medium, enabling simple, liquid-based sampling and transportation. Its compact and space-efficient design, coupled with its ability to support downstream applications such as bacterial culture, toxigenic and antigenic detection, NAAT, and enteric molecular assays for bacteria, viruses, and parasites, makes it a versatile choice for laboratories and healthcare facilities.

Our Kits Include:

Our Rectal Specimen Collection Swab is designed with a medical grade ABS handle + flocked tip. With a gentle push on the end of the swab after collection is complete, the swab tip can be dislodged in the cell preservation solution, avoiding fecal spills during the traditional process of breaking off the swab tip. The flocked swabs provide far superior sample collection and release than normal cotton wound swabs, and the paired Cary-blair transport medium is primarily used for sample collection of GI pathogens.

Collection Procedure Instructions

Please carefully follow these instructions for reliable results. Consult your healthcare provider if you have any questions about the procedure.

  1. 1. Begin by washing your hands thoroughly.
  2. 2. Proceed to the examination room or restroom for privacy. a. Undress as needed for the collection procedure. b. Position yourself comfortably while ensuring you can maintain proper balance.
  3. 3. Open the kit package and remove the swab and tube. Set the tube aside before beginning specimen collection per your healthcare provider's instructions.


  • If the tube contents come into contact with your skin, immediately wash the affected area with soap and water.
  • If the tube contents splash into your eyes, flush your eyes with water immediately.
  • Notify your healthcare provider if any irritation develops after exposure.
  • If the tube contents are spilled, request a new Aptima Multitest Swab Specimen Collection Kit.
  • Do not ingest the tube contents under any circumstances.

Mantacc Rectal Swab Collection Products

Model Product Description
DSK-D02-93W 5'' flocked sampling rectal sampling swab with 2ml Cary-Blair medium Screw cap tube with 2ml modified Cary-Blair medium, one flocked swab with push-and-drop tip.
93050W 5'' flocked sampling rectal sampling swab
Medical-grade ABS handle and flocked nylon fiber rectal/anal/oropharyngeal swab.

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