Safety Caps for HPLC
Safety Caps for HPLC

Safety Caps for HPLC

The laboratory is an important base for scientific research and technicians to work, and is the cradle where scientific achievements are born. The safety sealing cover designed for chromatography solvents and other volatile reagents avoids solvent volatilization, optimizes the laboratory working environment and protects the health and safety of laboratory staff.

Seal extraction system

Safety cover technology

The safety cover designed with new materials and special technology has two functions of sealing and blocking. It can effectively stop more than 99% of harmful solvent gases from evaporating out, protecting the physical and mental health of laboratory staff. Prevent expensive solvents from being contaminated and reduce costs.

Superior performance
● Air valve prevents harmful solvent vapors from evaporating
Built-in new material blocks external dust and contaminants
Cost savings and prevention of solvent ratio changes
Corrosion-resistant safety cap with good sealing
360 degree rotating body, capillary tube is more winding and regular

Waste collection system

High efficiency filtration technology

High efficiency filter using superior performance composite new materials, with two functions of purification and sealing, can effectively remove a variety of harmful volatile gases, reduce laboratory pollution, and protect the health of staff.

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