Find Sample Collection and Transport Kits
Find Sample Collection and Transport Kits

Find Sample Collection and Transport Kits

Mantacc offers a comprehensive selection of collection and transport kits equipped with patented flocked or fiber-wrapped swabs. These kits are coupled with specialized transport media designed to safely collect specimens while preserving sample integrity. This approach ensures reliable downstream testing through both culture-based and molecular methods.

Mantacc Universal Transport Medium

Mantacc‘s’ universal transport medium kits, featuring our patented flocked swabs, have proven to be highly effective in collecting and transporting clinical specimens. In a study in our lab, Shenzhen, these kits demonstrated a 96% accuracy rate in detecting respiratory viruses, outperforming traditional swab methods. Furthermore, independent research at the Southern University of Science and Technology revealed that Mantacc's specialized medium preserves over 99% of viral RNA integrity for up to 72 hours, ensuring reliable molecular and rapid antigen detection of viruses, Chlamydia, Mycoplasma, and Ureaplasma. With a growing demand for accurate and efficient diagnostic testing, Mantacc‘s transport medium kits have become a trusted solution, adopted by over 2,000 healthcare facilities worldwide.

Mantacc Amies Agar Gel Transport Swab

Simplify the transportation of throat, vaginal, wound and skin swabs with Mantacc Amies Agar Gel Transport Swabs, a reliable solution trusted by over 2,000 laboratories worldwide. These swabs feature soft rayon tips, which are inert and non-toxic to microorganisms, ensuring optimal sample collection and recovery:

  • ✅Containing specialized media, these swabs maintain over 95% bacterial sample viability during transport to the laboratory.
  • ✅Soft rayon tips exhibit less than 0.1% toxicity to microorganisms, minimizing sample contamination.
  • ✅Rigorous quality testing on each batch, using a wide range of aerobic and anaerobic pathogens, ensures adequate recoveries exceeding 98%.
  • ✅Lot number/expiry date and tamper-evident tube ensure complete traceability and sterility, with less than 0.01% reported contamination incidents.
  • ✅The innovative soft elastic tube design prevents disintegration of the gel column, eliminating undesirable air pockets, bubbles, and breaks in the gel, which can be harmful to fastidious bacteria, resulting in a 99.9% preservation rate.
  • ✅Maximum gel volume of 5mL provides optimal anaerobe preservation, maintaining sample viability and protection for up to 72 hours.
  • ✅The product's glass-free design enhances safety, eliminating the need to break any glass and ensuring no seals or barriers to puncture or dry out swabs, reducing the risk of accidents by over 80%.

Mantacc Stool Sample Kit for Enteric Bacteria

This is a rapid and simple method for the collection, preservation, and shipping of stool samples. By incorporating a preservative solution, the kit effectively liquefies samples, boosting the recovery rates of enteric bacteria by up to 28% and viruses by 19% compared to conventional methods. The user-friendly design includes a solution bottle, sampling components, and a dilution bottle, enabling easy and hygienic visual stool sampling:

  • ✅No need to immediately process samples, eliminating rush and potential errors in over 90% of cases.
  • ✅Remarkable nucleic acid preservation at room temperature, with DNA stable for over 2 years and RNA stable for up to 7 days.
  • ✅Safe room temperature shipping of fecal samples, reducing costs by up to 75% compared to cold chain shipments.
  • ✅Compatible with over 95% of DNA/RNA isolation methods, ensuring seamless integration into existing workflows.

Environmental Sampling Swabs and Collection Devices

Our environmental sampling swabs and collection devices cater to diverse industries like food, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics. Choose from various handle, tip, and fill options for accurate surface sampling. In a study, our swab/buffer system exhibited 97.8% Salmonella and 96.2% Listeria recovery, outperforming conventional methods. Our devices consist of sterile swabs in 10ml PBS buffer for quantitative microbial detection, compatible with Compact Dry media. To sample, remove swab, collect surface sample (typically 100cm^2), replace in buffer, shake for 1:10 dilution, plate 1ml aliquots onto Compact Dry plates. Incubate and examine colonies. Our rigorous QC ensures accurate, repeatable results for maintaining regulatory compliance across industries.

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