MSC-003 Integrated Saliva Collection Kit
MSC-003 Integrated Saliva Collection Kit
MSC-003 Integrated Saliva Collection Kit
To collect saliva samples with the collection tube and then mixes the samples and saliva preservation solution uniformly so that to ensure the integrity of the DNA&RNA in the saliva samples, and long-term storage under normal temperature conditions.
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Product Features

■ Innovative design
With a integrated and novel structure design, can save storage space as well as reduce transportation costsIntegrated structure, convenient for transportation, used for the collection of saliva sample DNA/RNA preservation.

■ Security and reliable
High sealing performance to prevent leakage and convenient for transportation.

■ Easy operation
Convenient to use, and efficient to collect samples.

Product Specification

Packging 1set/pack
Storage 4-30C℃
Validity 24 months
Collection tube(with cap): 1pc
Collection funnel: 1pc
Preservative solution: 2-2.5ml


1Rinse your mouth with water to remove foreign bodies 30 minutes before collection.

2Gently spit 2ml oral endocrine saliva into the collection tube.

3Unscrew the funnel to make the preservation solution flow out of the tube and mix with the saliva,then put the removed funnel into a recyclable bin.

4Keep the collection tube upright and unscrew the cap from the bottom of collection tube.

5Tighten the removed cap to the other end of the tube after removing the collection funnel.

6Slightly shake the collection tube up and down several times to thoroughly mix the saliva and the preservation solution.

Packing and Shipping

Products Name
Packaging Details
The Case Dimension
Pallet Size

Saliva Collection Kit

(With Transport Medium)

1 kit/box,

210 kits(box)/CTN

24 CTNs/ pallet

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