Mantacc MSC-001 Split Saliva Sampling Kit
Mantacc MSC-001 Split Saliva Sampling Kit
Mantacc MSC-001 Split Saliva Sampling Kit
The Mantacc split saliva collection kit consists of a detachable collection funnel tube, a 5ml preservation solution tube, and a collection tube cap. The split design makes the sampling easy and can prevent accidental ingestion of the storage liquid. It also avoids direct contact between the storage liquid and the mouth or hands during the collection process, and prevents the storage liquid from spilling. Safe to use and more reassuring to self-collect. Model: MSC-001
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Mantacc MSC-001 Split Saliva Sampling Kit

Product Features

The Mantacc split saliva collection kit consists of a detachable collection funnel tube, a 5ml preservation solution tube, and a collection tube cap. This product is designed for the collection, storage, and transport of human oral saliva samples, exclusively for DNA/RNA tests, IVD purposes, and not intended for therapeutic use.
  • Safe: Prevents accidental ingestion or spilling of the storage liquid and avoids contamination of the sample
  • Fast: Convenient sample collection regardless of site and tool restrictions
  • Reassuring: Individually packaging and easy-to-use design are important for those who may be anxious about self-collection
  • Applications: For virus detection, DNA/RNA testing and forensic drug testing
I recently used the viral transport medium and saliva collection kits provided by Mantacc, and I must say that I am impressed with the quality of these products. Thank you Mantacc, I‘m able to obtain accurate and reliable results from my research. Great job!

- Charlotte Kim
We highly recommend Mantacc's viral transport medium and preservation solutions to anyone who needs to transport and preserve biological samples. Mia and I have used these products several times and have always been impressed with their effectiveness.

- Mia Patel and Matthew Wright
The instructions are clear and easy to follow, and the collection process is painless and quick. Would recommend Mantacc saliva collection and VTM kits to anyone looking for high-quality and reliable biological sample collection and preservation solutions.

- Daniel Ramirez

Saliva Collection Vs Blood Collection In DNA Test
Saliva Blood
✅Non-invasive collection ❌Invasive Collection
✅Simple to use ❌Disliked by donors
✅No need for trained personnel ❌Trained phlebotomist required
✅Shorter collection time ❌Longer collection time
✅No need for dry ice ❌Requires dry ice
✅No electricity needed ❌Freezer costs can reach US$7000
✅Samples stable for years at room temperature ❌Power outage can result in unusable samples

1. Rinse your mouth with water to remove any foreign objects from your mouth 30 minutes prior to collecting saliva samples.

2. During collection, press the tip of your tongue against the upper or lower teeth roots and gently spit saliva into the collection funnel, allowing saliva to flow to the bottom of the bottle and reach the 2ml mark.

3. Open the storage tube and slowly pour the storage solution into the collection funnel, keeping the collection tube upright to allow the storage solution to fully flow into the collection tube.

4. Keep the collection tube upright, carefully remove the funnel from the collection tube, and tighten the collection tube with the matching cap.
5. Invert the collection tube several times to mix the saliva with the storage solution, and dispose of the used collection funnel and storage tube in a recyclable bin.
6. For collection devices that do not contain preservation solution, simply tighten the cap on the tube after collection and dispose of the used collection funnel in a recyclable bin.

Model MSC-001
Tube Capacity 5ml
Preservation Volume 2ml
Preservation Type Inactivated/Non-inactivated/DNA

Precautions and Notes

  • 1. Do not use the kit beyond the expiration date printed on the pouch.
  • 2. To ensure the purity of the target sample, gargle with warm water at least 30 minutes before sampling to remove any residual food particles from your mouth.
  • 3. If sampling is due to start in 30 minutes, refrain from eating, drinking, smoking, or chewing gum to prevent interference with the saliva sample.
  • 4. If the preservation solution accidentally comes into contact with your eyes or skin, wash the affected area with water.
  • 5. To minimize invasive bacteria in the air, perform the sampling process in a clean location and complete it as quickly as possible.

Packaging Details 1 kit/box, 170 boxes/carton
The Case Dimension 47cm*30cm*47cm
Pallet Size 24 cartons/ pallet
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≤10,000 3 working days

≤100,000 7 working days
≤1,000,000 15 working days
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