Everything You Need To Know About CHG Swabsticks
Everything You Need To Know About CHG Swabsticks

Everything You Need To Know About CHG Swabsticks

Wound care dressing set. Selective focus cotton stick and elastic cohesive retention bandage on blur stainless steel plate, forceps, conforming bandage, and cotton ball with alcohol.

What are CHG swabsticks?

Chlorhexidine gluconate (CHG) swabsticks are antiseptic wipes used to prepare skin prior to injections, surgical procedures, or access of indwelling medical devices. They contain CHG, an antimicrobial that reduces bacteria on the skin.

Why use CHG swabsticks?

Using CHG swabsticks helps prevent healthcare-associated infections like central line-associated bloodstream infections (CLABSIs). The research documents note that contaminated skin is responsible for 60% of CLABSIs annually. Skin antisepsis with CHG swabsticks is recommended by the CDC to significantly reduce microorganisms on intact skin.

MANTACC CHG swabsticks features and applications

MANTACC CHG swabsticks feature a formulation of 2% CHG and 70% isopropyl alcohol. The alcohol quickly kills microorganisms while the CHG provides persistent activity against recolonization of bacteria. MANTACC swabsticks have a broad-spectrum kill claim against bacteria, yeast, viruses, tuberculosis, and fungi.

MANTACC CHG swabsticks are single-use with a pre-saturated foam applicator. The swabsticks allow for a 30 second skin prep time and have been clinically proven to show continued antimicrobial efficacy for up to 7 days versus 48 hours for other brands.

How to use MANTACC CHG swabsticks?

To use MANTACC CHG swabsticks:

- Wear gloves per facility protocol
- Open pouch and remove swabstick without touching foam tip
- Scrub skin in back-and-forth strokes for 15 seconds
- Turn swabstick over and repeat scrubbing for another 15 seconds
- Allow skin to completely dry for 30 seconds before procedure

MANTACC CHG swabsticks are latex-free, no-glass topical antiseptics intended for external use only. They should not be used on patients with sensitivities to the ingredients. Proper skin prep with CHG swabsticks can help reduce HAIs.

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