Mantacc's Exhibit at CMEF 2023 (Autumn) Showcases Local Innovation
Mantacc's Exhibit at CMEF 2023 (Autumn) Showcases Local Innovation

Mantacc's Exhibit at CMEF 2023 (Autumn) Showcases Local Innovation

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Shenzhen, China - As a leading Chinese manufacturer of medical consumables, Mantacc recently exhibited at the China International Medical Equipment Fair (CMEF) Autumn edition held from October 28-31, 2023. Located at booth 13K39, Mantacc's participation in this major industry event allowed us to showcase our capabilities in developing quality medical consumables locally.

Our exhibit featured Mantacc's wide range of swabs, viral transport media, culture media, sterile cotton buds, and saliva collection kits - all manufactured at our production facility in Shenzhen. We highlighted how our PCR swabs offer 30% improved sample collection through innovative design enhancements made by our R&D team over the past year.

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Through demonstrations at our booth, we educated visitors on how Mantacc's viral transport media retains sample integrity for up to 48 hours, supporting accurate diagnostics. We also presented our proprietary culture media that speeds up pathogen growth, enabling faster laboratory results.

Our team engaged with healthcare professionals, laboratory managers, hospital administrators, and medical supply distributors from across China. We received valuable feedback and insights into customer needs that will inform our product development and quality improvement efforts going forward.

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With over 100,000 attendees this year, CMEF provided an unparalleled opportunity to increase awareness of Mantacc's medical consumables among our target audience. Our booth attracted significant interest, validating China's capabilities in manufacturing quality medical devices and consumables.

Participating in CMEF also allowed us to connect with distribution partners interested in expanding Mantacc's reach across different Chinese provinces. Several productive discussions were held with potential distributors at the show.

Overall, exhibiting at CMEF 2023 (Autumn) was a great success for Mantacc. This premier industry platform enabled us to consolidate our brand reputation, exhibit our competitiveness on the domestic front, explore new business collaborations, and bring innovative medical consumables to hospitals and laboratories across China. We look forward to leveraging the experience and connections gained at CMEF to contribute towards improving healthcare outcomes in our country.

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