How HPV Affects Men?
How HPV Affects Men?

How HPV Affects Men?

1. HPV virus, men can also be infected?

When it comes to HPV, many people think it is a "female only" disease.HPV infection is closely related to boys. Globally, the rate of HPV infection in male genitals is actually higher than that of females.Studies have shown that the overall male genital HPV infection rate is as high as 45.2%, so the majority of male friends need to pay attention.

2. What are the symptoms of HPV infection in men?

2.1 Male infertility

Studies have shown that HPV affects male fertility by infecting sperm. After men are infected with HPV, sperm motility decreases, normal sperm morphology changes, thereby reducing the quality of their sperm.

2.2 Penile cancer

Mainly squamous cell carcinoma of the penis, although the incidence rate is not high, but the prognosis is often poor. The penis is the most vulnerable part of men to be infected with HPV. If the foreskin is too long, it is easy to hide dirt and increase the infection rate of HPV.

2.3 Anal cancer

Similar to penile cancer, anal cancer is mainly squamous cell carcinoma caused by HPV infection. Although it is classified as a rare malignant tumor, the incidence rate is gradually increasing worldwide. It should be noted that anal HPV infection varies greatly by sex and sexual orientation, with the highest prevalence of anal HPV infection being found in HIV-positive patients or men who have sex with men.

3. How can men be tested for HPV infection?

Men check for HPV, and the exfoliated cell secretions of relevant parts are taken to detect the typing and quantitative results of HPV. Determine if it is infected.

Note: Samples can be collected at home then sent for testing.

4. How to sample at home?

Miraclean Home Sampling Kit:

How to sample: The subject puts on gloves, wets the swab head with pure water and wipes each of the above parts 5-10 times. After the sampling is completed, break the swab head and put it into the preservation solution tube, tighten it and send it for inspection.

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