93050D Oropharyngeal Sampling Kit
93050D Oropharyngeal Sampling Kit
93050D Oropharyngeal Sampling Kit
Sampling kit with medical-grade ABS handle and nylon fiber flocked oropharyngeal swab for disease control, genetic testing, life sciences, and forensic evidence collection. Model: 93050D.
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93050D Oropharyngeal Sampling Kit

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93050D Flocked swabs utilize innovative nylon fiber technology to provide outstanding sample collection and release. Nylon fiber swab that allows a better clinical sample collection and the following immediate release into the liquid transport medium. It has a plastic shaft with a "breakpoint" to allow the swab to break into the test tube and successive collection by screw"capture" cap after the tube closes.

Product Features:
(1) Ergonomic and anatomic design, perpendicular nylon fiber acts like a soft brush thus improving patient comfort and efficiency in cell specimen collection.
(2) Superior sample elution, with an open fiber structure it instantly dislodges the specimen cells into the liquid medium.
(3) They are free of any PCR inhibitors, certificate of analysis available for each lot of manufacture.

(4) Increased assay sensitivity, flocked swabs are proven to elute>95% of the original sample rapidly thus easily resulting in improved assay sensitivity.

Packaging Details 100 pcs/box, 20boxes/case
The Case Dimension 460cm*310cm*270cm
Pallet Size 24 cartons/ pallet
Delivery Time

≤10,000 3 working days

≤100,000 7 working days
≤1,000,000 15 working days
≥1,000,000 Please contact us

[Instructions for use]

1) Peel apart the sterile package.
2) Hold the handle and place the sampling swab into the mouth for sampling.
3) Rotate the sampling swab gently 3-5 times, and then slowly take out.
4) Place the swab into the sample collection tube, break it at the break point (if applicable), and then store it to complete the sampling.


If any irritation or allergic reaction occurs, please stop use and ask a doctor.


1) This is a single-use product, don’t reuse it.
2) Keep away from flames or sparks.
3) Keep out of the reach of children.
4) Avoid soaking swabs with preservation solution before sampling.
5) Avoid repeated freezing-thawing.
6) If any damage of package, please do not use it.
7) If it is expired, please do not use it.
8) If you are allergic to sponge and plastic material, please do not use it.
9) Please do not eat, smoke or drink 30 minutes before sampling, to avoid affecting the sampling effect.
10) The used products should be treated according to local medical waste regulations, and cannot be disposed of carelessly.
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