MSC-95000M HPV Sampling Kits
MSC-95000M HPV Sampling Kits
MSC-95000M HPV Sampling Kits
MSC-95000 series are the HPV self-sampling test kits for endocervical clinical diagnostic. The swabs are ideal for collecting large amount of specimen and rapid release them into the HPV transport medium. It can keep the virus being active and enable the realisation of one-stop solution of specimen collection and transportation.
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MSC-95000M HPV test kit

The self-sampling vaginal swab (hereafter SCVS) with tube is a newer method of testing that offers several advantages compared to traditional methods. In the detection of chlamydia and gonorrhoea, SCVS are as sensitive as cervical swabs and more sensitive than urine. SCVS are also easier to process and transport compared to urine samples. Meanwhile, it allows a better clinical sample collection as well as enable the following step, that is immediate release into the liquid transport medium. It has a plastic shaft with a "break point" to allow the swab break into the test tube and successive collection by screwing the "capture" cap after the tube is closed.

Mantacc HPV self-sampling test kit advantages

1.Mantacc HPV self-sampling test kit applies flocked swab, which has certain benefits over the traditional cotton swab. It is widely accepted and used for clinal and medical purposes. Flocked swab can concentrate the specimen as well as allow better sample extraction when patience finished sampling and sent to the facility.

2.Mantacc improves the sealing property of the tube for its HPV test kit. When patience places the swab into the container, the cap as well as the rubber seal can fully separate the sample from the external environment. The overall design increases sterility, therefore enhances the accuracy of the test.

3.All products are produced by using environmentally friendly materials. Mantacc takes pride in making the best and most secure clinical products with recyclable materials. We have a leading high standard in recycling such kinds of materials.


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How to Collect a Cervical Swab When Using the Mantacc HPV Test Kit

1.Lower your underwear, then carefully open the individually packaged HPV test kit and take out the swab. Make sure you open it on the side that is without the flocked swab to avoid any additional contamination from your hand, which may cause the result being less accurate.

2.Get in a comfortable position, then insert the swab into the vagina gently.

3.Rotate the swab gently for a few time in the vagina, remove the swab slowly. It should not hurt.

4.Remove the swab and then place it into the tube. The breakpoint system should allow the flocked swab side to be broke into the tube. Screw the cap and send it to your doctor. If you have any questions, consult your doctor or nurse.

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Customized Packaging: Available
Item No:  MSC-95000M
Quantity: 100pcs/box, 20 boxes / carton
Lead Time: Usually, our lead time is just 2-5 days depending where you are.
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Why choose Mantacc?

Established in 2003, Miraclean Technology is famous as a manufacturer specializing in medical supplies including high-quality medical swabs, multiple virus transport media, CHG applicators, etc. Mantacc designs this sterile nasopharyngeal swab for clinical sample collection and makes great market impact globally. Owing high-standard manufacturing laboratory setting, Mantacc takes priority to different kinds of customers’ needs and keep pace with the leading-edge technology.
1. Why should I choose the Mantacc HPV self-sampling test kit instead of other producers?
Because the Mantacc HPV test kit applies the latest technology and material, as well as the ‘breakpoint’ system which enables less external noises to the result. Both accuracy and efficiency are increased base on these advanced improvements.

2. Do Mantacc provide other sampling kit than the HPV test kit?
Yes, Mantacc also provides other sampling kits to clients if it is required, such as the oropharyngeal sampling swab and laryngopharyngeal sampling swab for specific needs.

3. What should I be careful when using the HPV test kit?
The Mantacc HPV self-sampling kit is carefully designed to minimise discomfort when patience are using the product. Follow the instruction on the package. Consult your doctor if needed.


“Thanks to Mantacc female HPV test kit, the entire collection process is now much easier and more secure. Patience are now feeling much more comfortable when using their product, and the ease of using this HPV test kit helps a lot when our patience are collecting sample for us. Overall, the efficiency and the accuracy have been increased, and the professionalism from Mantacc has assisted us in ensuring to provide the most reliable results to our client.”

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