95000M HPV Sampling Kit
95000M HPV Sampling Kit
95000M HPV Sampling Kit
MSC-95000 series are the HPV self-sampling test kits for endocervical clinical diagnostic. The swabs are ideal for collecting large amount of specimen and rapid release them into the HPV transport medium. It can keep the virus being active and enable the realisation of one-stop solution of specimen collection and transportation.
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95000M HPV test kit

The self-sampling vaginal swab (hereafter SCVS) with a tube is a newer method of testing that offers several advantages compared to traditional methods. In the detection of chlamydia and gonorrhea, SCVS is as sensitive as cervical swabs and more sensitive than urine. SCVS are also easier to process and transport compared to urine samples. Meanwhile, it allows a better clinical sample collection as well as enables the following step, that is immediate release into the liquid transport medium. It has a plastic shaft with a "breakpoint" to allow the swab to break into the test tube and successive collection by screwing the "capture" cap after the tube is closed.

Product Features:
(1) Ergonomic and anatomic design, perpendicular nylon fiber acts like a soft brush thus improving patient comfort and efficiency in cell specimen collection.
(2) Superior sample elution, with an open fiber structure it instantly dislodges the specimen cells into the liquid medium.
(3) They are free of any PCR inhibitors, certificate of analysis available for each lot of manufacture.

(4) Increased assay sensitivity, flocked swabs are proven to elute>95% of the original sample rapidly thus easily resulting in improved assay sensitivity.

Packaging Details 100 pcs/bag, 50bags/carton
The Case Dimension 47cm*30cm*47cm
Pallet Size 24 cartons/ pallet
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≤10,000 3 working days

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≤1,000,000 15 working days
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