The Compliance: Miraclean Wins Appeal to Protect Patents
The Compliance: Miraclean Wins Appeal to Protect Patents

The Compliance: Miraclean Wins Appeal to Protect Patents

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On December 7th, 2023, the U.S. Federal Circuit Court upheld the U.S. International Trade Commission’s decision that Shenzhen Miraclean Technology Co., Ltd.'s flocked swabs did not violate Section 337, conclusively ending over two years of litigation with Miraclean’s victory.

The battle began on July 9th, 2021 when two Copan entities filed complaints with the ITC accusing numerous companies, including Miraclean, of patent infringement regarding flocked swabs while requesting exclusion and cease and desist orders. On August 23rd 2021, the ITC officially instituted Investigation 337-TA-1279, kicking off Miraclean’s legal battle as one of over 20 named respondents.

Over two years, Miraclean devoted tremendous resources and effort towards this victory demonstrating the growing confidence and capabilities of Chinese manufacturing enterprises in protecting intellectual property rights.

Founded in 2012 with China's first second-class medical device production qualification, Miraclean provides sample pre-treatment solutions. Since 2016, its MANTACC® brand has served dozens of billions of people worldwide with quality IVD sampling consumables.

This victory represents the increasing strength of Chinese manufacturing on the global stage. Miraclean will continue confidently towards internationalization, branding, and diversification.

The case arose from Miraclean’s innovations in convenient sample collection and transport. As a leading Chinese manufacturer, Miraclean helps laboratories through affordable, high-quality medical consumables. However, Miraclean’s growth invited imitation and attacks from far larger multinational firms who saw them as a threat.

Miraclean stepped up to defend its rights and innovations bettering customers’ lives. Over two years, Miraclean systematically rebutted arguments by tirelessly gathering evidence and preparing thorough responses.

In December 2023, the Federal Circuit Court unambiguously ruled Miraclean’s flocked swabs showed no violations, formally rejecting the allegations against them.

Miraclean prevailing despite the immense odds and resources stacked against it demonstrates their capabilities and resolve. Instead of conceding, they showed the innovation and intellectual property strengths developed by Chinese companies.

Miraclean has proven it can successfully protect its innovations against attacks from better resourced multinationals. Going forward, Miraclean is poised to leverage these demonstrated capabilities towards even greater global success with its advanced technology and now battle-tested resilience. No matter the barriers competitors attempt to raise, Miraclean possesses the excellence to overcome them. This watershed victory opens new doors for Miraclean’s passion for benefiting laboratories worldwide.


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