Why Use Flocked Swabs For Cell Specimen Collection?
Why Use Flocked Swabs For Cell Specimen Collection?

Why Use Flocked Swabs For Cell Specimen Collection?

Flocked swabs are ideal for collecting large amount of cells and rapid elution of the specimens instantly release the cells into the transport medium. It is well recognized and adopted by the diagnostic test kit manufacturers who produce reagents in molecular genetics, forensics, clinical laboratories sectors.

Design and mould the shape you want and then “flock” it

Utilising state of the art “spray on technology” the flocking process by means of an electro-static charge perpendicularly attaches millions of nylon microfibers to the medical grade handle tip. Innovative nylon fibers technology has been implemented on a range of collection devices to help maximize performance during patient sampling. The perpendicular nylon fibers act like a soft brush, allowing the improved collection and release of both cellular and liquid samples. Capillary action between the nylon fiber strands facilitates strong hydraulic uptake of liquid samples. The sample stays close to the surface allowing easier elution. To limit interference and improve consistency the

swab is manufactured from completely inert components. This makes the flocked swabs ideal for PCR work for scientists using PCR techniques, therefore, the new flocked swabs are PCR compatible and certified RNAse and DNAse free.

Would you like to improve sample collection?

With traditional fiber wound swabs a large percentage of the sample collected remains entrapped in the fiber matrix of the tip. It has been shown that the flocked swab releases up to 95% of the sample collected compared to 25% in a standard fiber tipped swab - especially important if the sample size is particularly small.

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