Use of Alcohol Cleaning Swabs
Use of Alcohol Cleaning Swabs

Use of Alcohol Cleaning Swabs

For many of us, getting a vaccine or other routine injection is not a pleasant experience. But there’s something comforting about the injection site being wiped with an alcohol swab. Other than signaling to us that it’s time to brace ourselves for the needle, it reassures us that good care is being taken to reduce the risk of infection. We know that without it we’d be inviting bacteria into the puncture wound. Or do we?Alcohol swabbing before an injection is a long-standing, widely used infection control practice. It’s thought that prepping the skin using alcohol swabs removes bacteria that could be pushed into the puncture and might cause an infection. To clean the skin before a vaccination or other injection, suggested standard practice according to the World Health Organisation (WHO) is to swab the injection site with a saturated 60% to 70% alcohol swab for 30 seconds, then let the area dry for another 30 seconds so that the alcohol doesn’t enter the puncture and sting.

Detailed Description:

Mantacc's pre-saturated skin disinfectant swab is used for skin antisepsis preparation. Alcohol is used to disinfect the skin prior to injections in order to prevent infections caused by bacteria on the skin being injected within tissue. Alcohol has been shown to be a good disinfectant, reducing the number of bacteria on skin by 47-91%.


A single-step 2% CHG skin disinfectant swab is considered to be more effective than a two-step povidone-iodine method according to research from National Centre of Biotechnology Information in the U.S. The single-step antiseptic solution can also reduce the risk of septic transfusion reaction.

● Taking the advantage of such benefits, Mantacc creates the MIP-707F skin disinfectant swab that is ideal for clinics and hospitals use. The improved ability in antisepsis preparation offers higher effectiveness and safety in any operations; meanwhile, its individual package also ensure both convenience and cross-contamination can never happen with this product during storage and transportation.


MIP708F is made of medical grade 100PPI open-cell polyurethane foam & white pp handle.It is with formulation of 2% chlorhexidine gluconate (CHG) and 70% isopropyl alcohol (IPA) to meet the strict clinical requirements of , thus it would kill more bacteria than traditional Iodophor swabs and Alcohol swabs.

It has been widely used for CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention), INS (Infusion Nurses Society), SHEA (Society for Healthcare Epidemiology of America) and IDSA (Infectious Diseases Society of America).

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