P93050 Self-Collected Anal Swab
P93050 Self-Collected Anal Swab
P93050 Self-Collected Anal Swab
Before shipping , Miraclean Technology Co.,Ltd.’sP93050 Self-Collected Anal Swab are packed with strong wooden case with waterproof cloth to avoid any damage.
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P93050 is a rayon Sampling Swab used for cell, virus and bacteria specimen collection, and it has been designed for rectal clinical diagnostic. Swabbing is one of the most widely used methods for anal examination. The head is made of medical grade rayon, it is high density and no easy to fall off, the PP plastic handle is with suitable firmness and high resilience. The design is perfect and it is easy to use, the fiber tip is harmless to micro-organisms, thus would enhance the specimen collection.
Product Specifications

Item No.

Dimensions of rayon tip

Dimensions of PP handle

Diameter 1

Diameter 2



Total length


5.2 mm

3.5 mm

16.5 mm

3.2 mm

151 mm

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Sterilization Process
EO sterilization method applied.
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