Mantacc 93054 Saliva Collection Stick
Mantacc 93054 Saliva Collection Stick
Mantacc 93054 Saliva Collection Stick
The Mantacc 93054 saliva collection stick can be used to collect saliva samples for a variety of testing purposes like DNA, RNA, cortisol and THC.
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Mantacc 93054 Saliva Collection Stick

Product Features

The Mantacc 93054 Saliva Collection Stick has a PVA sponge tip on a PS handle, with a total length of 95mm and a 21mm long sponge head. The medical grade PVA sponge has an ultra high liquid absorption ratio.
  • Non-invasive saliva collection in 30-60s
  • Suitable for COVID-19 testing
  • Enables self-collection at home
  • Simple, fast, accurate and reliable
Use a Mantacc 93054 saliva stick to easily collect saliva for various IVD testings:
  • DNA testing
    The inert sponge material does not interfere with downstream DNA extraction and amplification, allowing high-quality DNA to be recovered from saliva.
  • RNA testing
    The PVA sponge protects RNA in saliva from degradation during collection and transport to the lab. Intact RNA can then be purified for sensitive molecular testing.
  • Drugs testing
    The absorbent sponge tip rapidly collects sufficient saliva volume needed for screening tests for illicit drugs like THC.
  • Hormone tesing
    With accurate, reproducible cortisol testing, it is easy to monitor patients’ hormone levels and adrenal function via saliva.
Saliva Collection Vs Blood Collection In DNA Test
Saliva Blood
✅Non-invasive collection ❌Invasive Collection
✅Simple to use ❌Disliked by donors
✅No need for trained personnel ❌Trained phlebotomist required
✅Shorter collection time ❌Longer collection time
✅No need for dry ice ❌Requires dry ice
✅No electricity needed ❌Freezer costs can reach US$7000
✅Samples stable for years at room temperature ❌Power outage can result in unusable samples

I oversee weekly drug testing of our high school student athletes. The 93054 saliva collection stick has made the process so much easier. Even with some difficult teenagers, I can easily collect a saliva sample by having them hold the small sponge end under their tongue for 60 seconds. I barely have to instruct them - the sponge does all the absorbent work itself. I can then seal the stick in a sterile tube and send to the lab for screening. It's made our mandatory drug testing program extremely straightforward.

- Sarah, School Nurse
Obtaining high quality saliva samples consistently is tricky - you need enough volume but without contaminating the sample. The 93054 collection stick is perfectly designed to absorb 0.5-1mL of saliva directly into the sponge tip within 30-60 seconds. There's no need for the subject to spit into a cup that often ruins the sample. I can reliably recover the saliva from the sponge by centrifugation too. These sticks have really improved the quality and consistency of our saliva collection process.

- John, Lab Technician
Isolating DNA and RNA from saliva can be hampered by typical collection methods. Many swabs contain compounds that inhibit PCR amplification. But the 93054 has inert materials that let me easily extract intact DNA and RNA for enzymatic testing. Its absorbent sponge also protects nucleic acids from degradation during collection and transport. I can gather sufficient genetic material from saliva in a non-invasive way using these sticks, which has really aided my genetic analysis research.

- Dr. Anu Singh, Molecular Geneticist

Model 93054
Tip Material PVA sponge
Tip Length 0.83'' (21mm)
Tip Diameter 0.55'' (14mm)
Handle Material PS plastic
Total Length 3.74'' (95mm)
Sterilization EO
Stimulant additive No citric acid (optionally added)

Model Total Length (mm) Tip Length (mm) Tip Width (mm) Tip/Handle Material
93051 84±2 21±1 12.5±1 PVA Sponge/PS Plastic
93052 100±5 13±1 8.5±1 PVA Sponge/PS Plastic
93053 73±2 10±1 12.5±1 PVA Sponge/PS Plastic
93054 95±2 21±1 14±1 PVA Sponge/PS Plastic
93055 85±2 10±1 13.5±1 PVA Sponge/PS Plastic
Mantacc 93051-93055 Saliva Collection Stick specification structure display

Packaging Details 1 kit/box, 170 boxes/carton
The Case Dimension 47cm*30cm*47cm
Pallet Size 24 cartons/ pallet
Delivery Time

≤10,000 3 working days

≤100,000 7 working days
≤1,000,000 15 working days
≥1,000,000 Please contact us

[Instructions for use]

1) Models other than 93051, 93052, 93053, 93054, 93055 model:
a) Peel apart the sterile package.
b) Hold the handle and place the sampling swab into the mouth for sampling.
c) Rotate the sampling swab gently 3-5 times, and then slowly take out.
d) Place the swab into the sample collection tube, break it at the break point (if

applicable), and then store it to complete the sampling.

2) For 93051, 93052, 93053, 93054, 93055 model:
a) Peel apart the sterile package.
b) Hold the handle and place the sampling swab on the inner wall of the mouth and the
upper surface of the tongue.
c) Keep it for at least 2 minutes until it is full of saliva, soft and swelling, and then take it

out to complete the sample collection.


If any irritation or allergic reaction occurs, please stop use and ask a doctor.


1) This is a single-use product, don’t reuse it.
2) Keep away from flames or sparks.
3) Keep out of the reach of children.
4) Avoid soaking swabs with preservation solution before sampling.
5) Avoid repeated freezing-thawing.
6) If any damage of package, please do not use it.
7) If it is expired, please do not use it.
8) If you are allergic to sponge and plastic material, please do not use it.
9) Please do not eat, smoke or drink 30 minutes before sampling, to avoid affecting the sampling effect.

10) The used products should be treated according to local medical waste regulations, and cannot be disposed of carelessly.

[Precautions and Notes]

  • 1. Do not use the kit beyond the expiration date printed on the pouch.
  • 2. To ensure the purity of the target sample, gargle with warm water at least 30 minutes before sampling to remove any residual food particles from your mouth.
  • 3. If sampling is due to start in 30 minutes, refrain from eating, drinking, smoking, or chewing gum to prevent interference with the saliva sample.
  • 4. To minimize invasive bacteria in the air, perform the sampling process in a clean location and complete it as quickly as possible.
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