Empowering Women in Miraclean: Embracing Gender Equity in Science and Technology
Empowering Women in Miraclean: Embracing Gender Equity in Science and Technology

Empowering Women in Miraclean: Embracing Gender Equity in Science and Technology

We are committed to breaking down barriers and promoting gender equity in science and technology. We believe that everyone deserves an equal opportunity to succeed, regardless of gender or background.
March 8, 2023
Today, we celebrate women so fine,
Daughters, mothers, wives, and friends of mine,
In every role, they shine so bright,
A beauty that's truly out of sight.

On this warm day, we honor their grace,
And celebrate their strength in every place,
Shouldering tasks with gentle might,
Their radiance outshines any light.

Let's listen closely to hear their voice,
Their secrets, their stories, their path and choice,
For women are the heroes of today,
And we'll honor their youthfulness in every way.

Welcome to Miraclean, where we are committed to empowering women in science and technology. We believe that gender equity is essential for advancing innovation and creating a more equitable world. As a lab consumable supplier, we are proud to support female scientists and researchers by providing the tools and resources they need to succeed.

Ms. Qin, Executive Vice President

Q: Do you think that women should occupy more management positions in companies in order to achieve gender equality?

A: Not necessarily. Management positions should be based on merit, and we shouldn't deliberately appoint women as managers just to pursue ostensible gender equality. Moreover, the presence of male managers doesn't necessarily mean gender inequality.

Ms. Wang, Sales Director

Q: If you had a chance to go back 20 years, what would you say to your past self?

A: I really want to tell my younger self that every experience, in the process of trying my best to complete it, can lead to growth. I hope that I could have been braver and willing to accept different challenges and tasks in my work. Continuously learning and summarizing is very important, and I hope I could have been more persistent and persevering. If time could turn back, I wish I could have spent more time with my daughter in her childhood.

Ms. Liu, Assistant to the Chairman

Q: What measures do you think the company has taken to make female employees feel more included in their work, and do you have any suggestions?

A: 'Taking away a piece of warmth' is a special care given to female employees in the girl's bathroom during their special time. The cute cartoon stickers, temperature indications and wording on them all make me feel that this is Miraclean, a company with sentiment, human care, and a sense of belonging.

Any better suggestions? I am also thinking about this, haha. I have already felt a strong human touch, and pretty grateful~

Ms. Cui, Quality Manager

Q: How do you balance your professional and family responsibilities, and what is the significance of a career for women?

A: Both family and career require goal management and self-discipline. It's important to complete efficient work output during work hours and do things right. At the same time, it's important to set aside a certain amount of time each day to be with family, maintaining consistent communication and guidance. A career is not only a way to express value for women, but also a way to bring positive feedback gained from career development to the family during the process of self-challenge and personal growth. It is also a reflection of personal happiness.

Ms. Gao, Sales Representative

Q: How to maintain confidence and persuasive skills in sales?

A: Sales work requires both emotional intelligence and intelligence to be online at the same time. Maintaining confidence and persuasive skills requires a certain level of professional knowledge and skills, while also paying attention to the needs and emotional experiences of customers, focusing on customers, solving customer needs, and building good communication and trust relationships. Only then can customers become my long-term service objects. Of course, for the extremely unreasonable customers, I will also maintain my own position.

Ms. Huang, Sales Representative

Q: From being single to being married, and then becoming a mother, what changes have occurred in your thinking about life in different stages?

A: When being single, there are no worries and thoughts are focused on self-realization and personal growth. After entering the marriage, more attention is paid to the balanced development of family and career. After becoming a mother, more attention is paid to the growth and education of children, and thinking about how to better take care of the needs of the family and children. Different stages of life bring different responsibilities and challenges. However, regardless of the stage, women need to take care of their emotions and health.

Ms. Li, Sales Representative

Q: As a female salesperson, what impact do you think gender has on your sales career?

A: Gender may have some impact on my sales career, as some companies may perceive women as being constrained by family and childcare responsibilities and unable to work as dedicatedly as men. However, modern working women are learning to balance their family and career effectively and are recognizing the positive impact that career achievements can have on their relationships and children's education. Moreover, women possess qualities such as sensitivity, resilience, openness, and enthusiasm, which can become my advantages for the job.

Ms. Liang, Finance Manager

Q: What is an effective way to relieve stress?

A: On the way home from work, I like to choose a cheerful song, turn up the volume, and sing along happily. By the time I get home, all the fatigue from the day has disappeared.

Ms. Chen, Technical Supervisor

Q: What is the biggest challenge that women face in the technology industry?

A: I think the biggest challenge for women in the industry is balancing work and family. Faced with difficult choices and challenges, I will continuously enrich myself, strive to improve my overall qualities and abilities, and find a balance point between family and career, culture and economy, society and self.

Ms. Wang, Assistant to the Sales Director

Q: How to maintain the passion for life?

A: Maintain curiosity about life, add fun to life, maintain a positive outlook and good expectations for everything, embrace life with optimism, and enjoy life.

Life is awesome. I hope you can continue to maintain your enthusiasm for life and never be defeated!

Ms. Liu, Intern

Q: What do young people look for when choosing a job, and why did you choose this company?

A: For me and many of my peers, the most important thing when choosing a job is interest. We want to work for a company that aligns with our values and culture. I chose this company not only because I love the work I do, but also because of the great cultural atmosphere. It was just too good to pass up!

Ms. Xia, Production Supervisor

Q: What has been the biggest change for you during your four years at the company?

A: Without realizing it, I have been with the company for four years. It may seem long or short depending on how you look at it. Looking back at my initial anxiety when I first joined the company, to my current confidence and self-sufficiency, I have shed my rough edges and gained a better understanding of how to handle things. This has helped me appreciate the importance of teamwork, and along the way, I have experienced sunshine, happiness, and achievements. I am grateful for the excellent platform that the company has provided and for every person I have met along the way.

Ms. Zhang, Caring Sister in Production Department

Q: After working at Miraclean for over a decade, what has been your biggest realization?

A: I joined the company right after graduating from university, and have since grown alongside it through work, marriage, childbirth, and to this day. Looking back over the past ten years, I am grateful to the company for teaching me so much and transforming me from someone who simply knew the company to someone who truly understands and appreciates it. Let's keep up the good work, Miracleaners! Together, we will use our own hands to write a more beautiful future!

Ms. Huang, Purchasing Coordinator

Q: What are your hopes for the future?

A: I hope to continuously improve my business, social, and communication skills, while never forgetting my original intention and always pursuing lifelong learning. By doing so, I can become a better version of myself and contribute to creating a bright future for the Miraclean family.

Ms. Wang, Cleaner

Q: Is your work difficult and how do you maintain a positive and optimistic attitude?

A: I don't feel that work is a difficult thing. I treat the company as my home and my colleagues as family, so coming to work is like spending time with loved ones every day. That's why I am always happy and joyful at work.

Ms. Liu, System Clerk

Q: Have you ever experienced gender discrimination or bias in your career? How do you see the position of women in our company?

A: Before coming to the company, I had been asked during job interviews about my marital and family status as an unmarried woman. In the workplace, women are often judged by their marital and family status, and how much value they can provide to the company in the future. Miraclean has the best position for women that I have ever seen. The company provides shawls for women when the weather is cold, prepares gifts for women during Women's Day, and has never shown any discrimination or bias towards women due to their marital or family status. The company is always caring towards women.

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